Reverse Type 1 Diabetes? Will 90 Year old TB Vaccine Reverse Diabetes1

Does the refusal of Drug Companies to invest in a Vaccine that might cure or reverse Type 1 diabetes label them morally lacking and greedy? Researchers are trying to raise funds for research after being turned down.

Reverse Type 1 Diabetes?  The Impossible Dream?

 Will a 90 Year Old TB Vaccine do the Impossible and Reverse Type 1 Diabetes?

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I was surprised when I saw this article that I have included several excerpts from below.

As a retired R.N. it was ingrained that there is no cure or reversal for type 1 diabetes.

Sometimes with vigorous dieting and calorie control it has been documented that there is possible “reversal” of type 2 diabetes.  There are at least two articles on this site reviewing the claims of reversal.

The following information is New to me and may be to you also.  It looks like we need to get behind this movement to raise funds for research, since according to the isn’t a “profitable” proposition for Drug companies to develop a “vaccine” to cure type 1 Diabetes.

Funding needed for Research

“A tuberculosis vaccine in use for 90 years may help reverse Type 1 diabetes and eliminate the life- long need for insulin injections, say Harvard University researchers raising moneyto conduct large, human studies.  

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90 year old Tuberculosis Vaccination may prove to be effective in reversing or curing type 1 diabetes.


“We think this can be taken all the way to the market and that is what we are trying to do.” said Denise Faustman, director of Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital’s immunobiology laboratory, who led the study.

“These patients have been told their pancreases were dead,” Faustman said. “We can take those people, give them a very low dose twice and see their pancreases kick in and start to make small amounts of insulin.”

To Market

Faustman and her colleagues at Massachusetts General in Boston are working to get the vaccine to market. After their early findings in studies with mice, she said they tried to interest every major drugmaker in developing the vaccine as a possible cure for diabetes. All told her there wasn’t enough money to be made in a cure that used an inexpensive, generically available vaccine, Faustman said.

So now, she is trying to raise money to pay for the expensive larger human trials. Her lab so far has received $11 million of the $25 million needed to pay for the next stage of testing. All of the money is coming from private donors, the largest of which is the Iacocca Family Foundation.”  By Shannon Pettypiece – Aug 9, 2012 7:13 AM CT Shannon Pettypiece in New York atspettypiece@bloomberg.net

To me this is a pitiful statement about the Health Care System is this country and the Drug Supply Companies that are supported by the Health Care System.

From the reported reaction by Drug Companies to requests to  invest any money in a “cure” for type 1 Diabetes, It was made abundantly clear that Profit and not concern for people is the motivation perminating  this combination of bed fellows (Health Care System and Drug Companies).

If the Health Care System, who by prescribing “drugs & treatments”  helps maintain the Drug Companies, neither of whom seem to  have the higher priority of cure rather than just treat the symptoms  then what  can force these two intertwined entities to change their focus  to Patient benefits instead of “how much can we make on this one?”

What is sad is that there is probably data available in someones  data base, where human trials were conducted on this vaccine that might even answer all the questions being posed about using it in a “new” way.   Plus not even mentioned, physicians often use “approved” drugs to treat an illness that it was not specifically tested and research for.   Sometimes the “side effect ” of a drug may be very efficient in treating an illness that it was not  researched for.

There has to be a marriage between Capitalism and Plain old Greed that reintroduces the Moral responsibility back into Capitalism.  I believe if you are earning your income from a certain area of the economy then you have a responsibility to reinvest or return some of that income back to maintain  the economy.   Make Sense?  I didn’t say all, or even a percentage, just get off the Greed train of Profit only for me and my investors and work at preserving opportunity for the future.

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