What is Raspberry Ketone? Can It Help Diabetics?

 Raspberry Ketone: What is Raspberry Ketone and

How it Can Help You Lose Weight and Fat

What is Raspberry Ketone and can it help diabetics?   Many fad diet products claim to help people with diabetes or just someone who wants to lose weight.

So what is this mysterious  ketone?

A natural phenolic compound that is called   Raspberry Ketone is responsible for the Fat Burning Properties of Raspberries and The Heavenly Smell of Red Raspberries.

According to a Planta Medica study, it’s also a potent fat burner.  Planta Medica is one of the leading international journals in the field of medicinal plants and natural products with original research papers, letters.  (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20425690)

Raspberries contain Raspberry Ketone a natural weight loss hormone.
Raspberries contain Raspberry Ketone a natural weight loss hormone.

This product was tested on some FAT mice and it was discovered that it increases the production of certain protein hormones that regulate the metabolism.
What this means for you is that it increases the burning of FAT in the body!

Higher levels of this hormone = lower levels of body fat.
During a later study,
this amazing information was confirmed.  It not only helps you
to lose weight, it targets FAT instead of muscle.

It is said that this information is going to be good for people suffering with type 2 diabetes, obesity and things like fatty liver disease and clogged arteries.

Since fat accumulations around the pancreas and in the liver seem to play a part in and increase the malfunction of these organs and thereby reduces  the bodies production of and use of insulin….some serious attention should be focused on Raspberry Ketone!

The researchers of another study announced  that Raspberry Ketone

“May have  great promise as a fat-burning, health-improving herbal medicine.”

Look for Raspberry Ketone in weight loss products.   The sure way to lose fat!

Raspberry Ketone Max is the latest weight loss discovery to take television health programs and online health news sites by storm.

This is what they are saying: Lose Weight the Natural Way with Raspberry Max as it contains Raspberry Ketone.

Until now, you’d have to eat thousands of Raspberries just to get enough of the Ketone enzyme to help fight fat.

No longer true because,  scientists have isolated that element and extracted it into a supplement that lets you get 300mg of Raspberry Ketone in every serving of Raspberry Ketone Max.

In studies on rats, Raspberry Ketone helped prevent the onset of obesity in mice that were on a high fat diet.

They also prevented an increase in blood triglyceride following high fat meals. That translates into Raspberry Ketone not only helping prevent the onset of obesity, but also preventing fat storage as well.  There is a double action because it works in the digestive system to prevent fat assimilation and prevent fat storage.

Doctors have long recommended natural solutions for weight loss because they are completely safe and don’t have any of the negative side effects that manufactured drugs have that can harm the body extensively.

With Raspberry Ketone Max, you get the natural solution doctors prefer with a clinically tested supplement that can help burn body fat. Doctors everywhere want you to lose weight and with Raspberry Ketone Max you now have a natural solution to weight loss your doctors recommend.

Here are some quotes from users of Raspberry Ketone Max.

“I have been trying to lose weight for years and this is the first program that ever worked for me. I have been using your product along with your diet and exercise program and have already lost 30 pounds! Thank you, Raspberry Ketone Max!”
− Marsha, CA

“I’ve spent years trying to get a flat belly and nothing has ever worked. Now that I’ve started using Raspberry Ketones, I finally have the sexy belly I’ve always dreamed of. Thank you so much, Raspberry Ketone Max.”
– Elizabeth B., Milton Keynes, UK

“My favorite thing about Raspberry Ketones is that they work! All those stubborn areas of fat have just seemed to melt away since I started taking it. I can’t recommend this product enough!”
– Stephanie. – Los Angeles, CA

The above quotes were provided by Raspberry Max from happy customers.

The nation’s top television health show recently featured Raspberry Ketone on its program as a great natural weight loss alternative.

The host of the show praised Raspberry Ketone for its ability to  target fat cells and increase the hormones in your body that allow you to get thinner more effectively.

Also, the host was impressed with how quickly most users experienced results from Raspberry Ketone, with many seeing a difference in as little as one week!

Having a source for the amount of  Raspberry Ketone that you need to take daily is important, because it isn’t practical to try to eat enough Raspberries to get the amount of ketone you need for it to work.
It is amazing that something in a berry can do what the research is indicating it can do.  The cause of it all is what causes that fragrant aroma that Raspberries give off.

Raspberry Ketone may also play a role in managing osteoporosis because of the lipid formation inhibition.  My interpretation is that it reduces the amount of fat stored in the bone marrow thereby increasing the production of osteoblasts which produce bone cells.

One of the many causes of osteoporosis listed were aging, hormone imbalance and increased adipose (fat) tissue in the bone marrow.  Reference is here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24404978 Raspberry ketone promotes the differentiation of C3H10T1/2 stem cells into osteoblasts.

Want more information about Raspberry Ketone as a supplement?

Read More Here

Sometimes if I provide a link to a product and you make a purchase, I will be paid a small fee.  Discuss changes and additions to your diet with your caregiver before making a change.  Never buy just because someone recommends.  Make sure what you are looking at is right for you.

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Burn Stomach Fat by Eating Vegetables?

Eat to get Rid of Belly Fat?  Now that is Different!

Are there really particular vegetables that we can eat to burn fat off our body and in particular Stomach Fat?

I’ve been told that this is the case, so I’m checking it out!

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Pollutions can affect our body by imitating Hormones

It really sounds like science fiction, but we will see!

Just keep reading and just maybe you will find out that this is a possibility!

Just to get this out of the way, there are certain chemicals floating around in our environment, in our water supply and our food supply, that imitate natural hormones in out body (men and women) and they will create an imbalance in our body, causing an increase in belly fat for men and women, So Keep reading!.

So how can you fight against these hormone imitators so that they are not encouraging your body to create and grow stomach fat?

The good news is that there are several particular types of vegetables that are useful in stopping the growth of fat, in fact they can even program it to go away!

Many vegetable classes, teas, spices, barks and herbs often have components or compounds of chemicals in them that can help to fight against the pollution in our environment that we absorb.

Specific vegetables that actually help to stimulate the burning of stomach fat? Sounds crazy right?

Well, check this out below and you’ll see why it’s not so far fetched.

First, one fact that you may have not realized is that there are things like pesticides, herbicides, and petrochemicals in our food supply and in our environment that have a hormone effect inside our bodies. This problem can encourage growth of belly fat on both men and women, so keep reading!

Exposure to these chemicals in our food supply, water supply, and the environment creates the possibility that they can actually program your body to hold onto belly fat.

The problem is that in today’s world, even if you eat organic and live in a relatively low-pollution area, it is almost impossible to not get at least some degree of daily exposure to these unwanted chemicals.

So how can you fight against these hormone imitators so that they are not forcing your body to hold onto stomach fat?

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Savoy Cabbage is a member of the Cruciferous Vegetable family and helps the body burn FAT.

Well, that’s where these specific types of vegetables that I’m going to show you can help.

You might not know about the many classes of vegetables, teas, spices, etc that have compounds which can help to fight against the effects of unwanted chemicals. However, one of the most powerful classes are cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, etc.

Cruciferous vegetables are vegetables of the family Brassicaceae..…..These types of cruciferous vegetables contain very unique compounds (phytonutrients) such as indole-3-carbinol (I3C) that can help to combat the effects of artificial hormones in your body, and therefore, can help you to burn abdominal fat more effectively.

sugar control diet
Broccoli, member of the cruciferous vegetable family. Helps burn fat.

As if you needed another excuse to eat more broccoli and cauliflower... Now, you can add losing stomach fat to the list!

Now here’s the cool thing…

Here is a link that is going to show you a program  that explains specific teas, spices, and other sources of these unique compounds that help you to Burn Belly Fat faster and more effectively.

 Go and Read Foods that Burn Belly Fat! 

Enjoy, and good luck with your fitness goals!


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