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Currently I live in Nameless, Tennessee…not my mailing address, but where I live!

Since I’m now retired, I love working on my computer and learning new
things, always trying out what I find…results good and bad!

My Original interest was in Diabetes and how to help people who acquire this
disease. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes over 30 years ago, and so far
have managed to control and live with it using a diet and some exercise…walking or
riding an indoor bicycle.

When a younger sister was diagnosed with Diabetes I created a Blog on Blogger
and tried to use it to inspire her to stick to her prescribed regiment, with very
limited success, I’ll admit.

Moved myself into Internet Marketing and WordPress use because I needed to learn
it to maintain my Diabetes Site. Like the marketing because things are always
changing and you need to learn new things!

I’ve even made a few videos…but the most interesting thing that has happened in the last eight months is that I discovered Blogging…which is what WordPress started as and even though you can build wonderful websites with it…Blogging is still a great
use for it!
Here are links to some of my Blogs or sites.





On the IM side you are where I spend most of my time and energy..




Have several others, but being worked on so not worth mentioning!
There are probably links to some of the others in the sidebars.

I forgot…I love Green and Solar Energy so
check out


I ended up with most of these domain names because of a very
unsuccessful attempt at Ebay selling…using Doba as a drop shipper…
will admit right now, all I did was spend money and make NONE!

Easiest way to contact me is at Facebook
https://www.Facebook.com/ArtaGene or


Twitter https://Twitter.com/ArtaGene

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