Review: Dr. Randy Martin Sugar Control Diet PDF

Review of a pdf diet that has all the answers.  Maybe!

Dr. Randy Martin’s pdf called Sugar Control Diet has a diabetic diet covered from beginning to end.  However, as a “Practicing Diabetic”  I have a few ideas of my own, all accumulated in 30 years of eating, not eating,  exercising-not exercising and doing my best to remain off all prescription drugs that treat diabetes.

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Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Fruit are among the Foods that help to control blood sugar Levels.

Want to know the answer to How can I control Diabetes with diet?

If you are not losing weight and controlling your blood sugar,  then  this review which includes foods to control diabetes naturally should get you back on track and teach you how to control diabetes without medicine.

A Review of Dr. Martin’s free to download and use PDF file titled Sugar Control Diet reveals a few things that I would do different.  For the most part, this simple PDF file could be used as a “Bible For Treating Type 2 Diabetes” without a problem.

However, there are a  few absolutes that I disagree with, mostly because they ban a few of my favorite foods!  Plus some of them will fit into a correctly laid out daily diet.

Using a sugar control diet Plan will Make Life Easier

As a “Practicing Diabetic” with over 30 years experience in controlling my type 2 diabetes using only diet and exercise…..taking NO medication but a few supplements….I feel I’m entitled as an Expert to make a few observations!  Plus if you look for them, there are foods to control diabetes naturally.

Here is access to the PDF file I am discussing: You can download your own copy by clicking on GO!  after you finish reading my learned Article!

Protein helps to control blood sugar levels

To keep things simple, lets start with Protein, which I agree is needed in each meal and snack.

review: use protein to lose fat
Fish and Lemon Wedges a good Source of Protein that is important in keeping Blood Sugar Level.

Me:  Here I disagree with the PDF as my experience has dictated that you should calculate the calories in the protein you eat each day and include it in the total Calorie Allotment that your physician or caregiver has prescribed for you.  I have also always included lean pork in my diet, either ham or baked chops with fat removed which is not listed as a permitted protein…

PDF:   Dr. Martins PDF is somewhat contradictory on the use Protein .  It first States eat all the protein you desire.……..then goes on to say…. you can  eat one serving of protein every two hours, but the serving is only the size of your palm…include or eat plain unbreaded poultry or fish, eggs or raw nuts at any one sitting!

Also Red Meat is limited to three 3 oz. serving per week.

Fresh, Raw Vegetables are a Natural Food to Help Control Diabetes and Blood Sugar

PDF:  Now comes the vegetables recommendation.  Green and Red…eat lots of these…Yellow and Orange vegetables…eat smaller portions….

Hmm…I think fresh yellow squash should be in the unlimited category... My diet that I have survived on listed 1/2 cup for the yellow and orange sweet potatoes, Rutabaga, get the idea.  Cooked?  See below!

ME:   Vegetables Unlimited:  Green or Red and Uncooked.   It means eat all that you want, a great suggestion..and don’t count the calories!

Vegetables Measured:  Cooked (any vegetable) 1/2 cup is a serving and count the calories in you calorie tab…..

PDF:  Now here is where we part ways….Dr. Martin says NO POTATOES…….

ME:  I heartily disagree.  I have always included a small to medium Skin on Baked Potato in my evening meal…use sour cream instead of butter…fewer calories.  No Problem…just use it as a “bread” exchange and count the calories.

Just to make life interesting, potatoes, skin on can be sliced and then  “sprayed” with olive or canola oil and baked in a pan….just as satisfying as French Fries but no extra “fat” calories.

Reveiw facts: Variety keeps your diet going. Success is eating to heal your body.
Reveiw facts: Variety keeps your diet going. Success is eating to heal your body.

PDF:    Fruit:   pdf says eat any fresh fruit except for bananas and mangos…both high density high calorie count fruits.

ME:  My take? Moderation is the key, if you make a fruit salad using chopped apples (peel on) plus 1/3 of a chopped banana and throw in some almonds or walnuts….or a few raisins with just a touch of mayo….great snack.  Count the calories….experiment, learn.  Keep a food diary each day when learning so you know when you do your readings what you ate that was right or wrong.

PDF:   No dried fruit……

ME:   Agree for the most part, but (have you noticed there is always a but?) you can use them as an accent or spice….just a small spoonful to give dash to carrot, apple and raisin salad.  Or make your own trail mix with a higher proportion of Nuts to dried fruit. Just don’t eat handfuls as they are high in concentrated sugar.

Maintaining Hydration is Important when managing Diabetes

PDF:  Suggested Beverages:  water…1/2 body weight in ounces!   That would mean if you weighed 200 lbs. you would be drinking twelve and a half of 8 oz  glasses of water per day.  Fruit juice limited to two 6 oz glasses of unsweetened fruit juice diluted with 50% water per day.

ME?   Here we do part ways.   Max water eight 8 oz glasses per day.  Unsweetened grape juice 3 oz then add 3 oz water and drink before lunch and dinner.  I like Welches in the glass bottle if you can find it.

Edgar Cayce said grape juice is very helpful for diabetics as it changes sugar absorption in the digestive tract.   Suggestion was to drink about 30 minutes before meals.

V8 and Tomato juice   great…if you go over 12 ozs a day start counting calories!

Keep in mind Fresh, uncooked fruit and vegetables have a high percentage of water.  So if you are loading up on fresh and raw it cuts down on the need for drinking so much water.

What!  No Spaghetti?  No Lasagna? 

PDF:  Grains are restricted to roasted rice for dinner only.

Review: Pasta can be served with fresh vegetables and fit right into a diabetic diet.
Review: Pasta can be served with fresh vegetables and fit right into a diabetic diet.

ME:  My 1200 calorie diet has room for the equivalent of 5 slices of bread (carb servings) per day.  Never have figured out why roasted rice would be better????  The calories are still there, think it is something dreamed up!

Guess what makes the difference?  Heating rice by “roasting” (not brown it, just heat it up) then cool it before cooking as usual changes its sugars to low gluten. This  means roasted rice now digests slower so won’t usually cause  high sugar spike like plain rice and sugar or high gluten carbs.  Another story by its self!

So if you want rice or even corn on the cob for dinner…have it!.. some people like the corn raw which is even better!  Just plain cooked corn is limited to 1/3 of a cup…YES 1/3rd…I think it retains more fiber on the cob…

Please, Don’t ever Tell Me No…..

PDF:  Not Allowed…..No Wheat product like bread, crackers, muffins, cereals or pasta allowed.  NO SUGAR, honey, maple syrup etc.

ME:   Count your calories, if you want Spaghetti have it, 2 ozs of dry spaghetti has 210 calories about the same as two bread or carb exchanges….so if you don’t have one, create your own sugar control diet plan and learn to substitute based on calories!

Here is an example:  Make your own Spaghetti sauce..lo cal recipes abound!  Or else have it with raw chopped “Free Vegetables” e.g.: tomatoes, green peppers, onions etc and a splash of warmed V8 juice with your garlic powder, oregano etc.  any of the spice rack herbs you want including parsley…

Just stir your sauce and raw vegetables into your  drained spaghetti  while it is hot and hit it with a dash of Parmesan cheese for some extra flavor.

There are no absolutes for a diet as far as I am concerned.

If things are made so restrictive that you can’t live with it, then you are not going to follow a diet anyway.

Calories Count so Figure out How to Use Them

Educate yourself about food and its energy potential…which means calories.

The ending to this review of Dr. Randy Martin sugar control diet PDF is this.  Most of the diet suggestions are great and if that was the only plan you had to use or go by,  you could end up controlling diabetes and controlling your blood sugar.

I like a little more choice, and enjoy eating some of the NO NO items on the PDF diet.   My normal way to handle this is:  If I want to eat something…figure out how to make it so the calories are within my daily allowance and go for it.

Just to summarize, eating Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner and a Bedtime Snack with a mix of protein, carbs and fat included in all meals and snacks along with Dairy products that are still within your calorie allowance will do the job.  The PDF diet really doesn’t mention CALORIES, but they are very handy tool for expanding your menu and helping you to stay on your diet and be successful.
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Thanks for coming by and I hope you found something of value for your time spent reading.  Comments are appreciated  as well as Tips from you on how you’re handling your Diabetes Journey!

Do You have a favorite Recipe you’ve changed so it fits into Your New Diet?   Give us a hint in the comments box!!
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