Type 2 Diabetes News and Facts You Should Know

Not you?      Or you don’t know?

Type 2 Diabetes news and facts you should know fill recent publications, medical journals and television information shows.  Educating yourself about this disease epidemic that is spreading is a must.

Type 2 Diabetes News and Facts You Should Know
Type 2 Diabetes News and Facts You Should Know

Often the signs of type 2 diabetes are missed or not recognized.  This is when the real damage begins with diagnosis of it as  an underlying  cause for  an emergency room visit for a stroke or heart attack.

Since diabetes can affect anyone (age doesn’t count) it is now estimated that one out of every three people who have it, don’t know they have diabetes!

Diabetes Could be Classified as a Digestive Disorder Instead of a Disease

You might call diabetes a digestive disorder…no not like heartburn, but a neighbor!

It creates roadblocks in the normal digestion of carbohydrates to be used for energy, so that high levels of blood sugar (left over sugar not absorbed from the blood stream by all body cells) are created.

Hidden and untreated diabetes now becomes a Destruction Ninja.

  • Just a few of the gifts from this busy ninja are
  • nerve damage and
  • pain,
  • vision loss, and
  • heart disease created by
  • damage to arteries and blood vessels.

You might want to add another gift called chronic fatigue to this list.

Once diabetes is in place, it creates a never ending cycle of tiredness that can’t be removed until the cause is treated.

Recognize the Warning Signs of Type 2 Diabetes

Thirst...increased desire and need to drink more liquids. Often accompanied by other symptoms like:

Dry Mouth: A coating may develop on your lips, mouth becomes so dry that it creates a strong urge for liquids to quench the thirst.
Dry mouth can affect your gums and teeth increasing the chances of developing gum disease and cavities.

Frequent Urination: increased and sometimes urgent calls to hit the bathroom day and night.
Since daytime voiding trips can vary depending on liquid consumption it is the evening trips that get attention.

Called nocturia,  if you are having to get up at night and make bathroom trips whereas you previously slept the whole night through.

Unusual Hunger: You feel tired, so think you need to eat and have a bottomless pit that you try to fill up…often accompanied by a strong desire for more food.

Weigh Gain or Loss: Weight gain or loss can vary depending on the person. Most people gain weight, but there is the occasional one that will have a continuing weight loss accompanied by an insatiable appetite. Even eating more doesn’t stop the weight loss! (this is in reference to type 2 diabetes).

Headaches: High blood sugar levels can cause blurred vision and of course fatigue which in turn may cause headaches. Another Diabetic Ninja gift.

Infections: Certain types of infections often accompany type 2 diabetes. Urinary tract infections, frequent yeast infections and itchy skin are common. Sores that take a long time to heal is another symptom.

Sexual Dysfunction: Since untreated diabetes has a penchant for damaging blood vessels and nerves, dehydrating the body (see dry mouth above) and because possible nerve damage can also lead to loss of sensation…it can affect men and women, no sexual discrimination allowed by diabetes.

If you recognize and have any of the above symptoms it is time for a trip to see your caregiver.  We do not provide medical advice or services.  What we do is inform from our point of view about diabetes and what we have observed and learned from.

  • Most common symptoms that are easily recognized are:
  • severe increased thirst,
  • frequent urination with the added night time bathroom trips,
  • changes in weight (loss or most frequently belly weight gain),
  • increased hunger,
  • constant fatigue,
  • blurred vision and
  • headaches and
  • tingling of your hands or feet especially at bedtime.

Since this is about you and YOUR body, do an honest assessment, educate yourself about diabetes and how to recognize the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

Even children are developing type 2 diabetes, so, if you are a parent it is your responsibility to take a closer look at your child, especially if he or she is overweight or has had a sudden unexplained weight gain or loss and exhibit any of the symptoms listed above.

Caregivers can administer a fasting plasma glucose test or even a finger stick A1c blood glucose test whose results will help diagnosis and determine if treatment is needed.

My goal in all this writing is to spread the word about diabetes which is becoming a world wide epidemic.  (not really becoming…it has arrived).
It is everyone’s  responsibility to help ourselves and help others when it comes to this mean sneaky disease.
Here is a graphic which makes all of the above information a little more digestible.

Type 2 Diabetes News and Facts You Should Know
Type 2 Diabetes News and Facts You Should Know

What can you do?  Read and do some self searching.  Share what you have read.

The more people who know about diabetes and how it affects the body, the greater the chance they will make needed changes in their lifestyle and Prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

So make your contribution today.  Comment below and share this information.  After all it is freely given and free to share!