My sister called, said she was watching TV (she likes Dr. Oz) and there was a discussion about being overweight and diabetes, heart attacks and strokes.

It seems someone did a limited survey somewhere in Europe and decided that plain white bread is worse for the body than even saturated fats!    Another thing brought up was that drinking diet SODAS  seems to correlate with higher levels of death from stroke and heart attack.   Like I say on my blog Cararta’s Facts


The mantra is:  good nutrition created by meal planning with a good Diet Plan, adding in some exercise equal to walking 30 minutes a day, keeping a scheduled eating time and bedtime all equal:  lower blood glucose, lower cholesterol and BETTER HEALTH.

This site does not give medical advise. Consult your physican if you have a medical problem. This is a conversation among people who are finding a new direction in eating and living.

The Fat Tax and Free Health Care

The Fat Tax and Free Health Care. Are they Related?

Has Congress gone so Gooney that it might pass a FAT TAX? Free Health Care makes more sense to me than a Fat Tax.

One way or another, we all end up paying for health care for those who don’t have it.  Either at the emergency room or in reduced national productivity by our workers who are unhealthy or people becoming disabled by diseases that if treated soon enough would not remove them from the work force and put them on disability or Welfare.  Diabetes and Obesity go hand in hand with the above.  No health care,  no direct intervention and education about what untreated Diabetes does to you.

I was reading an article on Care2.com about Health Care, its limitations, the fact that the Supreme Court might be making a decision on something it hasn’t even read, but what really caught my attention was a comment by:

  Robert P. “If you want to fix the health care system you have to remove the greed, corruption and dishonest behavior of the insurance companies, drug companies and mainstream media. Overuse of tests for big profit, vaccinations, prescription drugs that instead of helping are killing and injuring more people than illegal drugs at huge profit. The corrupt FDA that allows drugs with side effects of cancer, heart attacks, stroke. liver failure just to name a few and law suits on behalf of people injured or killed by these drugs. The side effects actually insure the medical system even more futre customers. Mainstream media recieves almost 4 billion per year in advertising, do you think they will tell you anything bad about the drug companies. Most natural treatments have little or no side effects and are in most cases more effective but cannot be patented so are not hugely profitable. If you do not believe the corruption than look at the side effects and the law suits, all a matter of public record. This adds up to huge, unwarranted costs to patients. ”

Diet to Go Easy Diet

Does eating pre-prepared food help keep you on the right track with your diet? If you aren’t having to shop and cook is it easier to avoid temptation at the grocery store and stick to what you have, will it help you lose weight?   Diet to go prepares fresh food, flash freezes it and ships direct to you.  If you are local to a prep site it can be delivered fresh.  Fruit and condiments are included so it isn’t necessary to add extra items to your meals.
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24 Hour Diet plan

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This diet is very easy and helpful you need only to follow this 24 hour diet plan and you will be able to see results on third day. It was recommended by one of my friends from Italy who got this 24 hour diet plan from her dietician; she lost 7 kg in first month. Actually this is very good with her “sitting in the office for 8 hours every day” life style.

Here is a 24 hour diet menu:
7:00 – a cup of tea or coffee.
9:00 – shredded carrots dressed with lemon juice.
11:00 – apple (pear, kiwi fruit, peach, etc.).
13:00 – 100 g of broiled meat (fresh fish) on a piece of whole grain bread with butter (10 g).
15:00 – one boiled egg or (100 g of cheese, 100 g cream, etc.).
17:00 – vegetable salad (cabbage, carrot, beet, etc.).
19:00 – 10 pieces of dried fruit (prunes, dried apricots), soak it for 30 min in hot water.
21:00 – an 8 oz serving of fat free yogurt.

It is recommended that you consult your caregiver before going on any of these diets.

Get more information about 24 Hour Diet Plan and don’t forget to get your High Quality Diet Plans for Free.
If you’re looking for a simple effective solution to lose weight in a hurry check out http://diet-guidelines.howtoeasyway.com

Alen Green

For more information click here

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Belly Fat How to Lose Weight Diet

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Belly fat in women: Getting rid of it isn’t easy.
What does your waistline say about your health?

Belly fat is more dangerous than fat spread evenly around the body. It can accumulate around the heart, liver, lungs and other organs because of its proximity and begin impeding function. Belly fat is more common after menopause, possibly because of hormonal changes. Why it is dangerous and what to do about it.

A Woman’s expanding waistline is sometimes considered the price of getting older. This is especially true after menopause, when body fat tends to shift from the arms, legs and hips to the abdomen. There seems to be a link from the increasing belly fat to the incidence of Adult onset Diabetes as Belly Fat grows to be larger in proportion to arms and legs.

Does the belly fat cause Diabetes or does Diabetes cause the belly fat?

Increased belly fat can do more than make it hard to slip into your bikini or zip up your jeans.
Indicators are that belly fat also increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, certain cancers and even premature death from stroke or heart attack and adult onset diabetes.
Don’t Continue to live without a diet to lose weight! It is possible to lose weight in 2 weeks or long term lose weight in a month. What you need is a determination to improve your health while you are improving your appearance.
Learning how to diet and lose weight includes knowing how many calories a day you need to lose weight and finding a really good diet to help lose weight. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to include friends and family in the search for a diet to lose weight. Ask what works for them?

Find out does water help you lose weight. Most diets emphasize keeping well hydrated to keep your body healthy and burning calories.
The best news is that Belly Fat can be managed and reduced with the right program.

Here is some information on a complete life style changing program. Diabetic diet food doesn’t have to be bland and tasteless. Go and watch the video and learn what you can do to lose weight and get rid of belly fat and at the same time develop blood sugar control.
Having lived with Adult onset Diabetes for over 30 years I am very aware that counting calories, portion control and the type of food that you eat can make a big difference in blood sugar control and control of diabetes.

Lose weight to control the symptoms of diabetes and get rid of the belly fat that seems to come with type II diabetes. Below is a link to a diet that integrates good tasting food into the menu along with natural seasoning that help activate your body’s fat burning switch. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO


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Obesity: general advice to lower weight

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Obesity is a chronic disease, a quiet disease but becoming a recognized epidemic. It is associated with different diseases that carry with them   a greater risk of shortened  mortality and diminution in quality of life. .

Obesity: general advice to lower weight…

1. In order to lower weight an integral treatment is necessary that  guarantees a long term loss of weight taking into considerations of all the factors:  degree of overweight, eating habits, level of physical activity, motivation to fulfill the treatment, etc.

2. It is important to not  forget that to lose weight is, above everything else, a question of improving your health.

Two very important points.

What is a healthful weight loss?

A little means much. A loss of 5-10 % of your present weight will contribute great benefits to your body and health.

How fast should weight be lost?

An excessively fast weight loss is not healthy nor realistic.

3. Regularly control  weight with the professional of your choice,  he will  inform you about your  initial weight, ideal weight, and ways to reach the goals you set following your caregivers advise.

4. Obesity is a health problem. It causes numerous complications and  is a disease in itself: Side effects from Obesity include  hypertension, diabetes, high  cholesterol… Heart and circulatory problems to name a few. Obesity is not just an aesthetics problem.  How you look is less important than the  UNSEEN processes going on in your body.

5. It is a problem that requires a multifactorial treatment:  A healthy diet program or plan with a good balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates.   It is necessary to include exercise or activity to enhance circulation, get the metabolism to burn more calories rather than store calories as fat.

A good tip is to choose a balanced diet and then include meal scheduling  to distribute your required calories throughout the day.  Normal is 5 or 6 meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Snack,Dinner and a bedtime snack.   You can add a morning snack if so desired.  Total allowed calories for the day should be divided and consumed as indicated.

Good Advise:  do not alternate periods of overeating with strict dieting.  This creates a yo-yo effect of losing and gaining which research suggests is much harder on your body than remaining at one weight level.

Ceferino Perez Medical Vzquez of Family Center of Health of Cambre (To Corunna) wrote an article that was  used as a reference for this article.

The extract by Root of Cocolmeca, that is a plant of Mexican origin that has ample properties that helped to lose weight.  Its dietetic fiber content makes excellent for the digestion.

If you don’t have a diet plan, you might want to Click Here and read the information presented.  Many ideas to reduce cravings and hunger and help you really lose weight.




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