Is It Possible to Lose 5 pounds in a week? Weights Destroyers Says Yes!

 Weights Destroyers Takes on the Question:

Is it Possible to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week?

Is It Possible to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week?
Is It Possible to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week?

So you want to lose 5 pounds per week? If yes, then this article provides you with an answer maybe.

You know that  losing five pounds in a week is an extremely ambitious goal,  bordering on the side of impossibility.

The reason why I say this is because without being accomplished with the  surgical knife it will be very hard to lose 5 pounds in a week, especially week after week.  If you have a lot of extra pounds and start a new diet, then the drastic change you make in the beginning could lead to losing 5 pounds in a week.

Recently in my email box I received some information about a different system for losing weight AND keeping it off.
I  have requested a review copy of the program so that I can go through it, before I recommend it for anyone to use.
If you want to look at some of the information I saw then  Read More.

Prior to going to the weight reduction process, you need to analyze some of  the reasons you weigh so much and how long it has taken you to accumulate this FAT!

  • What I mean by this, is do some thinking about
  • how all those extra pounds got where they are.
  • determine how much weight you need to lose.
  • How long did it take you to gain enough fat deposits on your body
  • to begin interfering with your life and
  • making life uncomfortable
  • as well as unhealthy.

Do you know that your “group” or the people you hang out with can affect when you eat, where you eat, how much you eat and even what you eat.  People tend to like people who are like themselves.


Your body is merely a hand mirror projection of your way of life.

You need to take a good look at the amount and kind of food that you consume on a daily basis and your activity level which determines how much energy you need each day.

Do your eat the same type of food every day without much variation?

Do you have any idea of the caloric content of the foods that you enjoy that have added those extra pounds?

Or like most people, just eat what you and your friends like and enjoy,  because Eating is included in most social interactions.


If you are carrying enough extra weight that you are in the obese category,  have you seen a doctor to see if there is any medical reason for the excess pounds,?

Or do you think it is the result of over eating and inactivity?

Keep in mind, changing your lifestyle can certainly change the results you get from your eating and exercise habits.

Also remember that if you are embarking on a weight loss plan, you need to make sure that it targets losing fat and not muscle tissue or just “water weight” because this weight will reappear just as fast as it was eliminated.

Now down to the question you want an answer for.

Is it possible to lose 5 pounds in a week?

Well it depends on your current body weight. A normal person weighing around 130 pounds will have a different result than someone who weights in at 260 pounds.

It is certainly possible for the 260 pounder to lose 5 pounds in a week by just using a good calorie limiting diet.

And if you actually weigh twice as much as an average person  (somewhere close to 270 pounds) then you can certainly lose 5 pounds in a full week.

No problem.

That is unless you have a metabolism that is out of whack because of a disease…(this is where checking in with a care give comes into play).

Now for a reality check.

Mainly because when anyone is extremely overweight, their body can  and does burn more calories with less effort and probably no extra exercise.  But even if you are in the overweight category, you still  have to make a decided effort to ensure that you meet your goal of losing 5 pounds in one week.

Now below is an excerpt from an article I was reading and the advice completely contradicts the Information I read in the email I received this morning…

What the email had to say   a much different point of view!

“Be sure you stay active all day. Yes, by energetic I do mean that you have to visit gym daily. Whilst in gym, you need to concentrate on toning the muscles. This would mean exercising with weight loads by focusing on doing a lot more repetitions with much less weight. You need to do the same for every body portion be it arms, legs or back.

Be sure to do this for at least one hour.

Don’t indulge in any kind of cardio since you run the chance of obtaining a sprain due to being over weight. Following this, make time for some intense running.

Run no less than six to seven miles non stop, every day.

Obviously  expect to get to this stage on your very first day itself but ensure you make it to this level within the first 3 days, if you expect to lose your 5 pounds in just a week. .

When you reach this level then your five pound weight loss is for sure within your 7 day target because you will be continuously burning up stored fats and also proteins that are primarily responsible for your huge weight.

If you are truly serious about How many calories should I eat a day or simply try a more  effective program, then click a link below to get more data right now.”

The above excerpt contradicts everything that I was reading in my email.  To be exact some of that excerpt info sounds on the dangerous side.  I mean take a couch potato and get them to run 6 miles  on their first trip out.  uh huh…..Killer.

The information I received in the  email doesn’t show this kind of heavy exercise routine, but just a change in some of your habits.

Maybe it is on to something.

I know from previous experience several years ago, that I lost 40 pounds in 4 months and didn’t go to a gym or run…at most I just walked for half of my lunch hour (30 minutes) and tried not to get hot and sweaty as I still had to work in the office for the rest of the day.

I wasn’t hungry on my diet either because it was structured where I ate enough meals during the  day to  keeping my metabolism running and using calories all day.

See what you think about this program… there is information that  goes into great detail..can read  the three full pages for information only if you choose!   Plus the guy said that after 4 days he started losing weight at an accelerated rate…a pound per day.
I’m waiting on my copy and will  try it out and see.
Might just go ahead and get a copy today, there is a guarantee, money back so if it doesn’t work, I am not out of pocket.

Is it possible to lose 5 pounds in a week?  I’m sure it is, because I’ve done it before, but my real question is whether it is possible to keep losing weight at the rate of 5 pounds a week.

It would have to be a healthy and safe program to work and so one could stay on it long enough to lose all the extra weight most of us are carrying around.

I have even seen ads asking is it possible to lose 10 pounds in a week or even is it possible to lose 5 pounds in a day!  I’m sure someone, somewhere has figured out how to do this, but in my can’t be safe or healthy.

Have an opinion?  Are you on a diet right now, either for losing weight, controlling diabetes or blood sugar levels?
What kind of results are you getting?  Share in the comments. Help someone else today.