Conagra’s Banquet Frozen Meals Make a Perfect Snacky Meal

Snacky Meals can be safely integrated into a Sugar Control Diet

I often pick up small “snacky” meals for those times when you must eat, but don’t feel like cooking.
Banquet Frozen Meals by Conagra has become a new winner for me!
They have recently made a lot of changes in the content of their pot pies and other little meals.  Improved texture and taste have been added along with more protein and a focus on using more Real foods.
I just tried their new version of Banquet Mac and Cheese made with REAL cheese. It was great!
How it came about.
Had breakfast out at a local restaurant after I went to “Early Vote” at the courthouse.
While eating, the owner came around to the tables, announced she had a big bucket of home grown tomatoes that a local farmer had given her and said anyone who wanted tomatoes to let her know!
I raised my hand, since I didn’t plant a garden this year and  when I left she gave me a nice bag of tomatoes.
Stopped on my way home at Sav-A-Lot (our only remaining grocery store since our FoodTown was closed when Dollar General bought the property it was sitting on, tore it down and is now building a Dollar General Grocery Store) and picked up a handful of necessities including a few of my favorite  small frozen meals.
Been lazy about cooking lately, so I was out of anything quick and easy!

Plain Mac and Cheese is a great Snacky Meal
Plain Mac and Cheese is a great Snacky Meal

Add Fresh to Any Meal and It Reduces Calories

Lunch time: Fresh sliced tomatoes and cucumbers with Banquet Frozen Mac and Cheese small snacky meal.
Prep time… 4 Minutes!
Sliced the veggies while the microwave did its thing, can’t beat that with a stick!
Add Fresh Veggies to small snacky meals to reduce calories
Add Fresh Veggies to small snacky meals to reduce calories
For you numbers junkies…the BanquetMacCheese has 240 calories and a mix of fat, carbs and protein..a little high in sodium, but since I don’t eat a lot of salt, not a problem for me.
The box is labeled with all those Nutritional Facts and Figures…read to your heart’s content.
Ah yes, NO trans fats.

What else is in the Freezer Besides Mac N Cheese

Chicken Pot Pie, Turkey Pot Pie and Beef Pot Pie all made the trip home.   All because this is the wrong end of the month and all of the (what I call them) snacky meals price in at less than $1.00 each.

Conagra Banquet Frozen Meals have other options but some are priced a little more…most under $2.00.   Almost all of those in the freezer section had that New tag on them.

What seems to be new is the addition of more protein to things like their Meat Loaf, Chicken, Turnkey and Dressing and similar meals.

Just to keep things honest, I am not affiliated with Conagra or Banquet Frozen Meals in any way, other than they are just something I like to use occasionally.

My kids when they were growing up always loved them.  And if memory serves, they were one of the first frozen convenience foods I ever bought.

One thing about them, they are still one of the least expensive convenience foods that you can buy.  They also have several choices for breakfast.  Especially handy and always tasty are the “Brown n Serve” sausage links.

But I digress.  Something I am an expert at doing!

Just for the record, these are not the greatest things that you could be be putting into your Diabetic meal plan.

With that said, I am a firm believer in adapting your diet to fit into your life rather than making your life miserable because of Diet Rules (and I mean that in more than one way!).

As Paula Deen said in a interview I watched a few years back… “Diabetes is not a death sentence.”

But just to keep the record straight…it may not be a death sentence but it can surely make your life miserable if all you ever do is worry about it and stop living!

Just keep in mind, You really are What You Eat, so just do a little planning, create a few good habits and stop the misery.

Happy Living!



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