Amazon Useful Items, Diets and Snacks That May Help With Blood Sugar Control.

Living with diabetes isn’t just about a diet or exercise or controlling your blood sugar in order to manage diabetes.  It is also about having a life that focuses on something besides what you can an cannot eat.

I have found that if I do a little planning ahead of time and keep treats that I can eat and enjoy, it makes living with diabetes a much more pleasant life style.

Because you are now in the position of making sure that what you put in your mouth doesn’t harm your body or sabotage your day to day efforts to follow the guidelines set up by your care giver for you, I have included several lists of books that include diabetic cookbooks, suggested exercises, supplements and heavenly snacks that will coordinate with your plan in the little “store” below.

You can access by clicking on the numbers at the bottom which will display various items.  If you click on a displayed item it will open in a new page so that you can read the details for that particular item.  You can close it and come back here to  access another one to look at and maybe find something you like.