Review: Avoid These 7 Foods to Control Blood Sugar

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Avoid These 7 Foods to Control Blood Glucose Levels


This article was written and published on Ezine by Varadharajan R.  He makes some good points .  One I think that deserves more attention than was given is the fact  that a sugar control diet must become the guide for your lifestyle change.  It isn’t enough to just decide to make a Real Lifestyle Change….You have to do it on a daily basis, unfortunately for the rest of your life.

If you are a diabetic or pre diabetic, you can choose a balanced lifestyle to control blood glucose levels following warning signs of diabetes. Changed lifestyle means you are offering to avoid certain bad  foods as much as you can because these foods can topple  your blood sugar levels. As such you should basically accept life style changes. The main theme of this article is to furnish a brief description of foods to control blood glucose levels.

As some foods can bear a massive impact on blood glucose levels you need to know precisely what foods to avoid in Toto. Here are some diet foods to exclude in your diet meal plan.

Artificial sweeteners: It is pretty difficult to avoid sugar in your diet to zero level. Still, it is advisable to avoid sweeteners like refined sugar as much as you can to increase control of blood glucose in the blood stream.

Sweet Chocolates:You should avoid chewing candy chocolates as they contain high sugar mix. Consuming these can increase sugar levels in your body.

High carb grains: Grains high in carbohydrate should be kept off. The foods rich in carbohydrates can increase the glucose levels in the blood. In this list, you have the white bread, refined rice, pasta, and pastry as bad diabetic foods to avoid.

Vegetables high in starch: Usually all vegetables are good for health. However, there are some vegetables high in starch component which should be cut off from eating. In this regard, you may avoid consuming much of sweet beets, carrots, potatoes, peas, and butter beans.

Fruits rich in sweet: As fruits contain minerals and vitamins they are highly recommended for diabetics to control blood glucose levels. Usually fruits are good fiber sources. However, fruits like mango, banana, jackfruit, strawberry, pineapple are not good for controlling blood glucose.

Fatty dietary foods: Milk is a healthier food but skimmed milk is good for reducing fat intake in the blood. Cheese and yogurt containing whole fat should be avoided. Butter cakes are very bad food for diabetics.

Processed foods:Though processed diet foods are added with preservatives they have very poor fiber content needed for diabetics to reduce blood sugar in the blood stream. So, any food packed in solid form or in liquid form should be totally avoided.

Be sure, if you can avoid these foods you can keep the blood glucose levels under control and no medicine is needed.

Controlling blood sugar is really an art. If you want to be safe you should know the description of diabetes foods to eat AND diabetes foods to avoid to lower blood sugar levels. Varadharajan R is the author of this article. Article Source:

There are also several other things mentioned in this article, that I do not exactly agree with.  Some of the vegetables mentions are acceptable in a diabetic diet..expecially dried beans, use of a small baked potato (has fiber and nutrients your body can use) and even carrots. Just keep count of your calories …they have a lot of fiber.

Another is the use of ARTIFICIAL sweetners…many have side effects so I would recommend stevia or just use a small amount of honey or regular sugar.  If you keep track of your calories and exercise enough  while sticking to your diet it is possible to make a “Life Style Change” without feeling deprived and controlling your blood sugar level at the same time. 

Eating frequently through out the day should be emphasized as it can have almost as much effect as what you eat.  It has been proven in lab tests with mice…feed 10 mice with the same amount of food…one group of 10 gets all their food at once..fed one time a day.  The other group gets their food  at 3 to 5 stated intervals throughout the day.  The one time a day “Eaters” become obese and start developing the diseases that go with obesity.  The mice fed multiple times during the day stay at a normal weight and activity level and “Healthy.”  

So When you make your life style change you need three things:

1.  a good diet

2. an Eating Schedule

3. Scheduled exercise

For more information from a plan that includes all of the above  continue reading Click Here!



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