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Foods for Blood Sugar Control

Learn How to control blood sugar Levels by Changing Your Food

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Fresh Raw Vegetables help control blood sugar.

My review of the “Sugar Control Bible and Cookbook” was a relevation!  It includes a diet plan and recipes for the foods that the author decided were beneficial for people with Diabetes to eat.  She also used the Glycemic Index in compiling her acceptable foods.

Variety in your diet will not be a problem with this plan.  However, I was surprised that many foods that are commonly listed as acceptable were banned when using the food guidelines included.  

Below I have included some reviews from people who have used this program and also what the publisher has to say about the “Sugar Control Bible and Cookbook.”


Needless to say, I am thrilled with your book. I find it very easy to read and understand. Dr. Paltis, keep up the great work! We need more doctors like you!–Debby Caviness

I can’t thank you enough for the Sugar Control Bible. For the first time I can remember I am not struggling with anger, cravings, depression, fatigue etc. Thank you for providing a healthy program to deal with this life consuming problem. –Marcia Harmon

The Sugar Control Bible and Cookbook is a brilliant compilation of the most effective literature on nutrition and functional physiology today. It is a valuable tool for doctor and patient alike and provides guidelines for a very healthy way to live. Bon apetite. –Dr. Darren Weissman — From the Publisher

About the Author

A chiropractic nutritionist and homeopath, Dr. Paltis has been in practice for 15 years treating injury and chronic disease. She is a certified Total Body Modification (TBM) instructor and teaches seminars in North America and Europe to chiropractors, naturopaths, medical doctors and other licensed health care practitioners. Dr. Paltis lives with her husband in southwestern Pennsylvania.

It should be noted that Dr. Paltis emphasizes that this program should be used under the supervision of a qualified caregiver, especially if medical problems other than Diabetes are present. 

Because of the focus on total nutrition there seems to be benefits other than just losing weight or controlling blood sugar levels.  Some reviewers indicated improvement in their emotions and energy levels resulting in improvement in their quality of life.

For more information, please click on the picture below and scroll down below the book to continue reading reviews by users that might be helpful to you.


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Will Eating Only Raw Food Help Control High Blood Sugar?

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Will a diet low in fat and high in sugar work for a diabetic to control blood sugar?

How will a Diet of Raw Fruit affect blood sugar control?

Swayze Foster at  wrote an article about an experiment she conducted on herself.  Since she doesn’t say  she is a diabetic, but  had access to and used a glucose meter to keep track of her sugar when she converted to eating fruit for 7 days we can assume she was interested in losing weight and what would work.

The reason being, when dieting and trying to lose weight, one of the pitfalls is when calories consumed are used up and we end up with low blood sugar with our insides calling for more food…so off the diet and over eat!

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Raw Fruit with Strawberries, Kiwi and apple slices

Below is an excerpt from the article she wrote about her 7 day Eating Raw Experiment.
Recently, I wanted to prove that a low fat, high fruit raw vegan diet does NOT lead to high blood sugar. Using a standard blood glucose monitor, I measured my blood glucose level several times a day for seven days.

The results may shock you.

Over the entire seven days, taking three readings each day, my blood glucose level never went above the normal range for fasting blood glucose OR postprandial blood glucose. Not even once.

Not even seconds after finishing off a large 800+ calorie fruit meal! So if a diet so high in sugar doesn’t lead to high blood sugar, what does?

It Isn’t the Fruit  Sugar doesn’t lead to high blood sugar, no matter how much you eat. Because it doesn’t have to be broken down and converted to glucose (everything you eat has to be converted to simple sugar before it can be absorbed and assimilated by the body), the sugar from fruit is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Contrary to popular belief, this speedy absorption is actually a good thing. It means that you’ll be quickly satiated (you won’t overeat) and quickly fueled (great for physical and mental performance).

Once the sugar is in the bloodstream, insulin is sent from your pancreas to your bloodstream. The insulin then transports the sugar from the blood and into your cells. In a normal and healthy human body, the sugar from fruit is digested, absorbed, assimilated, and even eliminated quickly and easily. It’s the Fat

Will a diet High in Fat Contribute to and Raise Blood Sugar Levels?

Swayze continues on with her theory that sugar isn’t the cause of high blood sugar, but excess fat in the diet  which seemingly coats your circulatory system, the liver and the pancreas thereby preventing normal absorption of sugar….therefore high blood sugar levels result and eventually lead to the development of diabetes.

She also hypothesized that raw or cooked, excess fat is excess fat regardless if from raw nuts or avocado or other sources and should be kept very low in your calories count. Here is part of a study she presented in the original article.

*Low-Fat Diet Alone Reversed type 2 diabetes in Mice*

This study was conducted at Duke University Medical Center in 1999. The researchers took a group of diabetes-prone mice and reduced their diet from 40% fat to 10% fat. The results?  Total reversal of their diabetes. And this wasn’t just due to weight loss because……their insulin and glucose (blood sugar) levels began to decrease before their weight did, suggesting that fat reduction acts on insulin and glucose levels independent of weight loss. What’s even more interesting is that sugar had absolutely no effect on the mice in terms of either increasing or decreasing their symptoms.  To read more of Swayze’s article you may go here.  Article Source:

The results from the above study and another cited in Swayze’s article concluded that even humans can benefit from eating a diet high in Raw Carbs…in other words eat RAW fruit and vegetables and keep fat from all sources to 10% or less of total calories.

There are several good plans available detailing Raw Vegan Diets, to continue reading more about Raw eating Click Here!

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Eating Raw for Energy and blood sugar control.


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Is Controversial TB Vaccine the Cure for Type 1 Diabetes?

Research updates on using Controversial TB Vaccine to Cure or Reverse Type 1 Diabetes. Links to academic publications, background and education on Dr. Denise Faustman are included.

90 year Old Tuberculosis Vaccine Being Studied as Cure for Type 1 Diabetes

Fact Sheet on Denise Faustman Research Download PDF file Here

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Dr. Faustman researches use of Controversial Tuberculosis Vaccine to Cure Type 1 Diabetes.

Articles and News Reports on Research on Type 1 Diabetes are available here.  Dating back to 2006 this list of Media Coverage details the progress and sometimes the road blocks to progress.  Links go to PDF articles, Pod casts and archived Radio broadcasts.

Below is part of an article retrieved from Wikpedia, I have left most links intact.    All this information gives some background into the ongoing research for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes and several other Immunological based diseases including Rheumatoid Arthritis.

“Bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine”

Further information: Bacillus Calmette-Guérin

Former Chrysler chairman Lee Iacocca, whose wife died of type 1 diabetes complications and who has declared a desire to see the disease cured in his lifetime,[11] is a patron of her work. The Iacocca Foundation helped raise the $11.5 million dollars needed to support a Phase I human clinical trial at Massachusetts General Hospital to test whether vaccination with Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG), a weakened strain of bacteria that is used in the prevention of tuberculosis and in the treatment of bladder tumors and bladder cancer, as a treatment for advanced type 1 diabetes. Like CFA in the mouse, BCG induces TNF-α production in humans (CFA is not approved for use in humans). In previous human trials, BCG has not generally been shown to have a benefit in the prevention of type 1 diabetes or remission of the disease in those who are newly diagnosed,[12][13][14][15][16] although one study from Israel did show a benefit (disease remission) in newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes.[17]Faustman hypothesizes that the optimal dosing of BCG has not been utilized in previous trials.[2] “

Keeping up todate with research is important.  Supporting research is even more important.  Just from reading some of the reports, it is possible that the best results were obtained when using an anti inflammatory plus the TB vaccine in mice who had spontaneously developed Type 1 Diabetes.  However this particular drug was not approved for humans so a different approach is being used.

If you are interested in supporting this research, you can click on this link and will be taken to a page where the program and the goals are explained.  There is a link for donations on the page.  There are two downloadable pdf files that you can share.

Here is a link to a page that lists Denise Faustman’s Academic Publications  beginning in 1982.  Some of it is heavy reading, but charts and graphs do make some of the information more accessible and understandable.

A lot of links and information, but hopefully useful to you, which is my intent.

Link for picture


Reverse Type 1 Diabetes? Will 90 Year old TB Vaccine Reverse Diabetes1

Does the refusal of Drug Companies to invest in a Vaccine that might cure or reverse Type 1 diabetes label them morally lacking and greedy? Researchers are trying to raise funds for research after being turned down.

Reverse Type 1 Diabetes?  The Impossible Dream?

 Will a 90 Year Old TB Vaccine do the Impossible and Reverse Type 1 Diabetes?

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I was surprised when I saw this article that I have included several excerpts from below.

As a retired R.N. it was ingrained that there is no cure or reversal for type 1 diabetes.

Sometimes with vigorous dieting and calorie control it has been documented that there is possible “reversal” of type 2 diabetes.  There are at least two articles on this site reviewing the claims of reversal.

The following information is New to me and may be to you also.  It looks like we need to get behind this movement to raise funds for research, since according to the isn’t a “profitable” proposition for Drug companies to develop a “vaccine” to cure type 1 Diabetes.

Funding needed for Research

“A tuberculosis vaccine in use for 90 years may help reverse Type 1 diabetes and eliminate the life- long need for insulin injections, say Harvard University researchers raising moneyto conduct large, human studies.  

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90 year old Tuberculosis Vaccination may prove to be effective in reversing or curing type 1 diabetes.


“We think this can be taken all the way to the market and that is what we are trying to do.” said Denise Faustman, director of Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital’s immunobiology laboratory, who led the study.

“These patients have been told their pancreases were dead,” Faustman said. “We can take those people, give them a very low dose twice and see their pancreases kick in and start to make small amounts of insulin.”

To Market

Faustman and her colleagues at Massachusetts General in Boston are working to get the vaccine to market. After their early findings in studies with mice, she said they tried to interest every major drugmaker in developing the vaccine as a possible cure for diabetes. All told her there wasn’t enough money to be made in a cure that used an inexpensive, generically available vaccine, Faustman said.

So now, she is trying to raise money to pay for the expensive larger human trials. Her lab so far has received $11 million of the $25 million needed to pay for the next stage of testing. All of the money is coming from private donors, the largest of which is the Iacocca Family Foundation.”  By Shannon Pettypiece – Aug 9, 2012 7:13 AM CT Shannon Pettypiece in New York atspettypiece@bloomberg.net

To me this is a pitiful statement about the Health Care System is this country and the Drug Supply Companies that are supported by the Health Care System.

From the reported reaction by Drug Companies to requests to  invest any money in a “cure” for type 1 Diabetes, It was made abundantly clear that Profit and not concern for people is the motivation perminating  this combination of bed fellows (Health Care System and Drug Companies).

If the Health Care System, who by prescribing “drugs & treatments”  helps maintain the Drug Companies, neither of whom seem to  have the higher priority of cure rather than just treat the symptoms  then what  can force these two intertwined entities to change their focus  to Patient benefits instead of “how much can we make on this one?”

What is sad is that there is probably data available in someones  data base, where human trials were conducted on this vaccine that might even answer all the questions being posed about using it in a “new” way.   Plus not even mentioned, physicians often use “approved” drugs to treat an illness that it was not specifically tested and research for.   Sometimes the “side effect ” of a drug may be very efficient in treating an illness that it was not  researched for.

There has to be a marriage between Capitalism and Plain old Greed that reintroduces the Moral responsibility back into Capitalism.  I believe if you are earning your income from a certain area of the economy then you have a responsibility to reinvest or return some of that income back to maintain  the economy.   Make Sense?  I didn’t say all, or even a percentage, just get off the Greed train of Profit only for me and my investors and work at preserving opportunity for the future.

Do you Agree?  Disagree?   Comment below,  and Share….


Diabetic Diets May Need to Add Cinnamon, Resveratrol and Chromium to Control Blood Sugar Levels

Controlling blood sugar levels always results in better control of diabetes. Resveratrol, Cinnamon and Chromium Picolinate are just a few of several supplements that might need to be in your diabetic meal plan.

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Resveratrol, Cinnamon and Chromium Picolinate May Help  Control Blood Sugar Levels

Adding natural supplements like Resveratrol to Diabetic diets may improve Glucose levels and aide in controlling sugar levels.

Using Natural supplements and food to help control blood sugar levels and facilitating the control of type 2 diabetes is becoming more popular.  Not mentioned very often is that fact that the use of Insulin and oral medications sometimes make it harder to manage type 2 diabetes because it is more challenging to lose weight which can be a positive in the control of blood sugar.

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Red Wine contains Resveratrol

I found the following article with some interesting news about Resveratrol which has often been recommended by health food addicts  and supplement companies as a aide in controlling blood sugar levels.

“Another option for help with blood sugar management is natural supplements, such as vitamins, phytonutrients, and herbs. Resveratrol could be one of those supplements.

In a recent three-month, open-label, controlled study, investigators enrolled 62 patients with type 2 diabetes who were already taking standard oral anti-diabetes medications. The researchers then randomly assigned half the patients to take 250 mg of resveratrol daily along with their medication.

At the end of three months, the following results were noted:

  • Significant improvement in hemoglobin A1c from before the study (mean, 9.99) to the end of the study (mean, 9.65)
  • Significant improvement in total cholesterol and total protein levels among patients who took resveratrol compared with those who did not
  • Significant improvement in systolic blood pressure among patients who took resveratrol (127.92 mmHg) compared with patients who did not (139.71 mmHg)

The authors noted that “the results of the present study support our hypothesis that resveratrol supplementation improves glycemic control and the associated risk factors in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.”   By Deborah Mitchell on August 9, 2012 – 4:10am lose fat for eMaxHealth

What is also noteworthy is the improvement in participants cholesterol levels and “significant” improvement is systolic blood pressure.  Heart attack and stroke  seem to be the leading cause of death for people with Diabetes so improved control of these two common  symptoms  (cholesterol levels and high blood pressure) is a positive.  It must be noted that the study was conducted using supplements rather than just drinking Red Wine.  Sorry!

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Guidelines That Can Make Diabetes Easier To Manage


Because it can become a full time chore just to handle diabetes, leaving you with little time to explore the best ways to live comfortably with your status as a  diabetic  it is better to have some guidelines to make the job easier.   There is a lot of information available along with guidelines for making diabetes easier to manage so explore and find!

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Finding some new ideas which will help you cope with diabetes and make your life a little easier.

Listed below are some Tips or guidelines that will point you in the right direction.

Folks with diabetes are at great risk for sleep apnea, so get tested immediately. If sleep apnea is actually an issue  for you, then get treatment now, before it begins  to affect your overall health.

When traveling, keep your insulin in an insulated bag. The temperature of your insulin supply needs to be regulated so it is helpful to acquire  and use  an insulated bag.

In case you often have  very low blood sugar, you need to work at regulating your food and medication and do  not overindulge at mealtimes.  Adding a protein snack between meals  aides in keeping sugar levels level!  Over eating will increase the levels of your blood sugar and induce future health concerns.

Check every one of the foods you eat for the “glycemic index”, which is actually a number that shows you exactly how your blood sugar levels might be affected. Low glycemic index numbers are  the most effective ones for people who suffer from diabetes because the low number means it is absorbed slower and does not tend to make sugar levels “spike.”

Maintain  reduced stress. Folks that have diabetes usually notice a rise of their blood glucose when under stress.  Check out yoga or meditation to relax yourself and keep  your stress and glucose levels in check. You can even teach oneself an assortment of breathing exercises, that will be very helpful since they can be done just about anywhere.

If you get hypoglycemia, it is absolutely vital you have candy  or some form of sugary food with  you at all times. As these attacks can occur at at any time, it is very important to be prepared for it. It can be brought on by skipping breakfast or other meals.  Breakfast is a poor choice of a meal to skip because your blood sugar will already be low because you haven’t eaten while sleeping.

Use some vinegar within the cuisine you eat. Adding only a little bit of vinegar can help prevent  your glucose levels from rising so quickly when you eat carbohydrates. Vinegar has properties that can slow the digestion of starches, and that will make foods remain  within the stomach for a longer period of time.

It is possible to eat some nuts such as  almonds when  you are hungry. This may not affect your sugar levels as much as carbohydrates.  Almonds (with and without salt) contain protein and  fiber along with other minerals and vitamins which are healthy to eat. Keep  almonds around  for snacks you can enjoy,  whenever you feel hungry.

When you have diabetic eye disease, it is specifically important to control your blood glucose levels. The condition of your eyesight might worsen  initially when you become diabetic, nevertheless it may improve over time if you lower and control your blood sugar count. Controlling blood glucose will dramatically slow down all diabetes related eye disorders.

Figure out how you possibly can make the foods you love to eat healthier. You do not have to remove many of your preferred dishes from the diet regime thanks to diabetes meal planning. Just seek out methods to make these foods better suited to  your needs. There are sites and cookbooks on the market that have many recipes for your diabetic life.  There are even some cookbooks listed in the automated  banners on the sidebar.

You should remind yourself that managing diabetes is definitely the best thing  you possibly can do. Remember what motivates you, be it your loved ones, buddies, pets, or career. Concentrate on the meaningful stuff in the life, and permit them to inspire and encourage you to be aggressive in  the management of your disease.

The author of this article, Dee is a mother and wife and she has  Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus – but is making the most of an ordinary diabetic life. She is continually studying anything about diabetes and would like to share what she learns with other individuals who also has diabetes.

More information on type2 diabetes can be found by clicking on the link in the paragraph above.  We appreciate this informative post.  If we all share, life is better.

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